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T A V O L A  R O S S A

Your Convivio registration automatically covers two perks, special experiences beyond the conference offerings on the schedule. This year, you will be treated to the extraordinary Tavola Rossa (or "Red Table"), a private chef's table with Vincenzo Guarino, awardee of four Michelin stars. You and nine others will enjoy the culinary experience of a lifetime. Listen to Chef Guarino walk you through his concept and plating, and then enjoy the multi-course meal (complete with wine pairings) with other Convivio participants. All part of your conference fees, at no extra charge.


In addition, all Convivio participants will enjoy an excursion to the nearby and culturally rich town of Spoleto. Enjoy shopping the local boutiques; marvel at the magnificent cathedral and ubiquitous Roman ruins; and savor a sumptuous lunch at one of the many local eateries. Again, all part of the Convivio experience, no extra charge. 

S P E C I A L  O F F E R S

But there's more. After ten years of Convivio and building our contacts in the region, we can offer all participants a host of special extras, customizable to your desires and at reasonable prices. Want to tour a historic winery in Montefalco complete with a tasting and private lunch? Feel like a day trip to Perugia or Assisi or Orvieto with a licensed tour guide? Or what about horseback riding in Castelluccio? Don't forget hot-air balloon rides, e-biking, hiking, and other adventures. In short, we offer a menu of possibilities, all at reasonable fees. (Each year we send all participants an updated list of options and pricing.) 

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